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Below I’ve answered some of the questions that I am generally asked the most. Kindly contact me for any further queries.

How often will I have to visit you ?

At the time of the first consult, we will figure out the complexity of the undertaking and you will be required to decide upon the package you wish to join at the conclusion of our first session. After that I will be guiding you on phone while monitoring your progress daily. All of this will be done keeping your comfort in mind only.

Do you advertise /endorse any weight loss pills /supplements ?

NO! I do not recommend the usage of any such artificial/natural slimming products. According to me all they do in the long run is harm your metabolism for a quick burst of weight loss, this is extremely harmful in the long run and trust me when I say this, from what I've seen the weight lost with such products almost always comes back on. The only healthy way to lose weight in my opinion is by following healthy tailor-made diets that suit your lifestyle and activity levels with dedication. I will never ever advertise or endorse any form of consumable slimming products.

How much time will it take to achieve my weight loss goals ?

According to me, each body is vastly different. What works for one person may not work for another. This difference is exactly what makes a weight loss journey such a complex and dynamic journey that has to be monitored and guided with proper care. There is no guaranteed time in which you will reach your weight loss goals and in my opinion anyone who advertises otherwise is simply wasting your time by tricking you. I always say according to me the journey of each client is different so some take longer than others while some race towards their goals, either way I try my best to act accordingly and adapt to their specific body dynamics for a successful and gratifying weight loss journey.

What types of Diets will you give ?

I only give homemade diets that can be easily cooked by you and are designed around your specific tastes and preferences. I do not recommend any sort of artificial weight loss products. I believe in healthy and natural weight loss only.

Can I join any of your packages If I do not reside in Delhi ?

Yes, you may join me and begin your weight loss program at anytime. Since meeting won't be possible in case you are not located in Delhi, our consults and daily diet monitoring/progress tracking will happen over the phone. Not being able to meet is certainly a hindrance, but it is something that is manageable as long as you keep up the dedication. I've had clients that are not based in Delhi in the past as well and even now a tiny fraction of my clientele is based outside of Delhi, either way, overall I strive to achieve the same positive results on any client of mine no matter the location they're based in.


The results shown in the testimonial section are of different individuals and the actual results may vary from person to person as the dynamics/triggers of weight loss are completely different for each individual.

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